A Rose Potpourri


Description of art work


I describe my work as Abstract Realism. Each piece looks like it could be something but nothing recognizable, abstract shapes painted realistically.  I use mixed media, acrylic, collage, pens, pencil, and anything which will give me the effect I want.   Collage is the most dominate part of my work because pictures in a magazine turned upside down gives a very fruitful world of shapes and colors with which to begin.


Aquatic Constellations

I approach each piece of work as an Abstract Expressionistic piece, no subject matter or direction. I will begin by freely filling the canvas with shapes and colors and then begin to react to it and then react to the reaction.  Since I like to draw, at this point in the piece I will begin to see shapes and go in and shade and develop some and eliminate others. I continue to develop these imaginary  shapes as if they are something. That is how I come to call it Abstract Realism. Sometimes as a piece is developed I will begin to see something recognizable and will develop that image but in an abstract way this best represented  by “Chalice of light and color” and “ The Dream of a pink flower”.



Chalice of Light and Color